Poker for Beginners

Victor Chandler

Victor Chandler is a UK based bookmaker with a plethora of online betting facilities.
Their poker client is a good starting place for beginners to online poker.
They have around 5-10,000 players online at any time, and a good mix of low stakes tables, which you can cut your teeth on without risking your house!

VC Poker is one of the few Poker rooms promoting ‘free cash’ at the moment. Click Here for more information on the $35 Free Cash offer, and the 200% Match Bonus.

Sign Up

Signing up to the Victor Chandler poker client is easy, download their client and install on your PC. Run the program and register yourself (pick your username carefully - It may be with you for a while!)
You can then play on any number of free table straight away without having to commit any money.
If you want to play real money tables or the freeroll or paid tournaments you will need to go through the poker clients cashier and register a credit/debit card.

Poker Client

Playing on Victor Chandler is easy, and the poker client is excellent for beginners, with many nice features that are designed to aid your play:

  • The table view is uncluttered and easy to view
  • You can see your best hand whilst playing
  • If you fold - the cards you folded are visible, so you can judge how you could have played the game if you'd stayed in
  • Player notes are available by right-clicking on the player
  • Chat window - summarises the action for the session you are playing, you can copy all of this at the end of your session if you want to analyse it later
  • By clicking on a player you can see the player information (those that enter it) in the chat window
  • Active Pot and Current Total Pot are shown allowing you to work out pot odds more easily (very useful online when you need to play quickly!)
  • You can view the previous hand just played
  • You can set an individual colour for each suit making it easier to identify suits
  • From the Options you can view your hand history (re-live the glory of that big win, or analyse where you went wrong!)
  • When playing there are tick boxes for you to auto play a hand before the turn comes around to you
  • Games

    For beginners I would suggest playing the free play tables to get used to the client and gain some experience of spotting potential hands and how players online like to play.
    Moving onto the paid tables I would avoid the lowest stakes ($0.02/$0.04) and start playing on the ($0.05/$0.10) or ($0.10/$0.20) tables, you will get a better game at these stakes, and will have to play a stricter game. At the lowest stakes people still tend to play every hand, and hope to get lucky.

    It is your choice whether you play No Limit Pot limit or Limit Holdem, or even Omaha (though you'll struggle to get a game of Omaha on VC), I would suggest playing the No Limit games as you can guarantee a better game, and are more likely to make money.

    Victor Chandler offers tournaments of varying buy-ins, including free-rolls. Free-rolls usually require Action points, these are gained by playing hands on real money tables.
    Tournaments seem to be heavily weighted to many good hands at a time, with lots of action and show-downs with very strong hands.
    The payouts can be very good, and I would recommend playing a few single table tournaments to get used to how people play.

    Deposits and Payouts

    You can make deposits through the poker clients Cashier screen, this is a secure payment that can be done by Credit/Debit card or through NETeller.
    Payouts can be drawn against a Dredit/Debit card you have already used to make payments, BACS for UK users, Telegraphic Transfer for those outside the UK, or by Cheque.

    Bonus Codes

    Victor Chandler are currently offering a 25% bonus (up to $100) on your first deposit.
    Check Victor Chandlers Promotion page to get the current promotion code.
    Read through that page as there are many other bonus cash amounts to be won just through playing at Victor Chandler


    Victor Chandler provides the following table of abreviations that you may see through the chat window, etiquette online is purely down to the type of person you are, but politeness costs nothing, and remember if you have nothing good to say, then don't say anything at all!

    gg good game
    gga good game all
    btw by the way
    gl good luck
    nh nice hand
    n1 nice one
    vnh very nice hand
    wp well played
    wd well done
    gp good play
    lol laugh out loud
    wb welcome back
    tx thanks
    ty thank you
    gtg got to go
    ul unlucky
    vul very unlucky

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